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Semiconductor IP plays a key role in bridging the design productivity gap. With growing silicon complexity, IP reuse has driven many semiconductor companies to develop IP databases. With growing dependence and high capital investment in developing IP’s it becomes extremely important to safeguard the intellectual property vis-à-vis not compromising on the flexibility of usage.


Secure IP Deployment System, SIDS helps solve this key problem. It’s strong encryption algorithm provides protection to the IP vendors against misuse of their knowledge base. SIDS provides a cross-application encryption mechanism that works on multiple EDA tools, thus providing security without compromising on flexibility.

IP flow in SIDS





Multiple license models


SIDS supports multiple models to license control your IP. Some of them, but not limited to are:


  • Time limited IP deployment
  • Node-locked IP deployment
  • Simulation only licenses




License control via keys

All license enforcement is achieved via license keys which the vendor will issue per deliverable.



Foolproof IP tagging