Abstracte Technologies - Prioritizing Customer Convenience

E-Business has emerged as the new age prospect and opportunity, and is one of the most exciting avenues in the field of commerce. It is one of those customer-centric technologies that has a massive impact on the retail experience.

E-commerce has become one of the fastest changing areas of retail, the challenges and the rewards are equally significant. E-Commerce re-establishes the very foundations of competitiveness in terms of information content, delivery mechanisms and customer satisfaction. It has innovated the systems of Retail Business.

At Abstracte Technologies, our focus has been on using new age technologies to cater to the changing demands of the retailers, which include enhanced:-

The work we execute in the field of E-commerce comes from the certainty that the key driving factors in retail have always been - Improving process efficiency by reducing the cost, elevating better search, and optimal utilization of inventory.

Abstracte Technologies’s E-Commerce Focus Areas

User Management ::

Abstracte Technologies has designed and created users for B2B / B2C application, which is built entirely on the web-based user management application. Abstracte Technologies’s user management application is designed to help with Web services integration to ERP solutions for credit forms, invoicing and multi-channel support. This offers users a continuous purchase experience online via mobile devices, and offline, to have a customer-specific catalogs and pricing. As this solution is web-based, it easily integrates with back-office systems and processes, and reduces upgrading efforts and maintenance cost.

Catalog Management ::

Catalog Management is a challenging area of operation for any E-commerce industry. Abstracte Technologies recognizes this fact and has built solutions to cater to the changing requirements of the industry. Our solutions cater to the specific areas of Catalog Management. Some of our prominent solutions include:-

Operations ::

Operations is a crucial aspect for any type of E-commerce industry. Abstracte Technologies has smart solutions to gratify to the changing demands of e-commerce enterprises. Our solutions in the area of operations:-

Payment Services ::

Abstracte Technologies has been instrumental in bringing a variety of custom Standard payment gateways like Sekur.me, PayEx, Cyber Source 2002 and integrated other third parties payment providers services like PayPal, PayPal IPN Services, EVALON, ACH Commerce, Concord, Certegy, Payment Tech, Authorise.net and Google Checkout. A unique platform is used to develop the Standard payment gateway.

Inventory Management ::

Abstracte Technologies has worked with one of the biggest retailers in the world to enhance its merchandising systems on a number of modules, some of the biggest being inventory information, pricing / promotions, visual merchandising, etc. Few of the projects include multiple functionalities like integration with reporting, analytics, event planning, store-based event planning, and so on. One of the most important aspects of the planning solutions that Abstracte Technologies has developed includes “cross channel” capabilities and requirements of today’s e-trailers.

Customer Experience ::

Customer experience is always the big question in the E-commerce world. The fast growing of e-commerce, the disruptions in different categories, channels and customer experiences have brought the need to looking at diverse ways to keep the customer promised. The customer has much more information at the tip of their fingers than a couple of years ago. With the increased competition from different e-trailers today, customer experience has become a key factor.

Abstracte Technologies works on some of the cutting-edge ideas and technologies. We have delivered a focused customer engagement platform for retailers, which can be used to enhance the customer experience. It is linked with multiple functionalities such as loyalty point collection, wish list, social media engagement, store locators, etc.

An application, which Abstracte Technologies has developed and deployed, which brings E-Commerce, Offline Retailer & Customers on a single platform, and benefits all the three, is known as ‘Shop-on-the-Go’. This application contains user flow like Community Shopping by getting products / services delivered to them, using one single application.